17-20 Mar 2016 – Miami, FL


Welcome to Miami!


Trump National Doral, Miami, FL

My oldest daughter invited me to the 2015 AT&T Awards Summit in Miami, FL. She was one of the top VIPs recognized by AT&T for her sales record in 2015.  Imagine spending 4 days and 3 nights at the Trump National Doral and being treated like royalty with an all expense paid trip (flights, hotel, food, activities, and free gifts!).  The gifts consisted of iPads, designer Michael Kohrs purses with matching wallets, kitchen items (dinnerware setting for 4), pots and pans, expresso machines), camping gear, mountain bikes, tablets, cameras, wine storage coolers, jewelry, designer watches and sunglasses.  I could go on and on.  The gifts were just awesome!  I need to be clear that we only got one gift each but my awesome daughter gave me her ticket so I was able to get TWO gifts!

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13 Aug 2015 – My Sister – My Hero!

My sister Andrea is special to me because even though she is six years younger than I am, I have learned so much from her!  She is wise, beautiful, and kind-hearted with unlimited potential and determination.  I have so many fond memories of her, but this post will focus on just one.

Andrea lives in Florida.  She is the mother of four beautiful children, all of which have college degrees!  That’s impressive in itself.  In addition, the children are all close in age so Andrea had four children in college at the same time!  Can you imagine that?  Andrea didn’t do it on her own, she has a loving husband who is an exceptional father!  Prayer is at the foundation of everything they do!

Andrea was a surgical technician for about 18 years.  She was in high demand from so many surgeons she worked with, but her true passion was to become a registered nurse.

The video below captures the graduation speech by none other than my Sister!  Join me in congratulating Andrea!


Andrea is working full-time as a registered nurse in Florida!

Between The Dashes