10 Dec 2015 – Celebrity Appearances – Billy Dee Williams

Between The Dashes focuses on the stories in my families’ lives from birth until death. This story is about the time I met Billy Dee Williams!  If someone asked me prior to meeting Billy Dee, if this was even possible, I would have told you “know way!”  But it did happen, and I am going to share proof of that moment.

Billy Dee Williams was one of my favorite African-American actors. He was handsome, …very handsome, and just down right awesome!  He seemed to “glow” on camera, and he looked even better the larger the screen!  He’s played in a lot of movies highlighted below:

Just click on the links above if you would like to watch those movies.  I realize there may be a few of you reading this post that may not have heard of Billy Dee!  What a shame!

One day, Al told me that Billy Dee Williams was coming to our area.  At the time, we lived in Sterling Heights, Michigan and he was coming to a Border’s book store near by.  I couldn’t believe it, but I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity.  Here’s how we captured that moment.


Elizabeth Atkins Bowman, Me and Billy Dee Williams, 2002

Elizabeth Atkins Bowman, Me and Billy Dee Williams, 2002


I’m the one in the middle with the biggest smile!  I can still see him walk into Borders and come towards the table where the authors sit.  My eyes were fixated on him.  He put on a little weight, but sometimes that happens as we age.  I will never forget that moment, and I have my husband to thank for making it happen!

In doing a little research for this blog post, the book being promoted was written by Billy Dee Williams and Elizabeth Atkins Bowman in the year 2002.  Today, Amazon sells this book, Twilight, for $0.01 used and $1.99 new for the hard cover version!  Six readers rated the book 4.7 out of 5 stars, but my version has the authors’ signature on it!   I suppose it didn’t sell too many copies.  I know I have yet to read the one I purchased!

By meeting Billy Dee Williams, I was able to check an item on my bucket list.  Thanks Al!


Between The Dashes

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