17 Aug 2015 – Granddaughter Visit – Summer 2015

I enjoy being a grandmother!  It’s especially nice when my granddaughter (Taylor) can spend time with her great-grandmother (Alice) as well.  Taylor is actually closer to Alice than she is to me.  Alice kept her, while her mother worked, until she was 5 years old.

We always enjoy Taylor’s summer visits.  The time flies by.  This summer, Taylor attended basketball camp, various library programs, movies, nature walks, photography opportunities, new restaurants, and travel.  See some highlights below:

IMG_2683 (1)

Granddaughter (back row in pink top) at basketball camp


Granddaughter with SWAT Team member

Taylor Decorated These Cupcakes!

Taylor Decorated These Cupcakes at the Library!  She ate them on the way home!


Granddaughter at Movies with the family

IMG_2690 (2)

Granddaughter on nature walk – getting our photography groove on!



Nature shot near the Potomac

Taylor, looking forward to your visit next summer!

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