13 Sep 2015 – Answers to Interview Questions 11-15 (Mother)

On 19 Aug 2015, I posted 50 Interview Questions.  Following is a summary of answers to the next set of interview questions with my Mom.  We got a little out-of-order, so to stay on track, there are only 4 instead of 5 answers here.  Enjoy!

  1. What kind of games did you play growing up? Hopscotch and jump rope.  We also played marbles.  There were kids that played double dutch, but I never learned how to play.  I also played with dolls with artificial hair glued to the scalp.  Every Christmas I got a doll, and the first thing I did was comb and wash her hair.  I cried when all her hair came off by the end of the day.   I got a doll every year for christmas until I was 13 yrs old and then we got a piano – it was the worse christmas ever when we got the piano.
  2. What was your favorite toy and why?  My favorite toys were the dolls with hair.  I loved combing their hair but the glue always came off when I washed it.  A doll would last at most a couple of days but ultimately they needed their hair washed.  🙂
  3. Did you receive an allowance?  No, I did not receive an allowance.  My mother gave us money when we needed it for school, bus (fare was $.30), movies, etc.
  4. What school activities and sports did you participate in?  I wanted to be a cheerleader but I could not tumble, so I joined the pep squad while in high school.  I always enjoyed football, and Central High School was the first african american school to play at Ladd Stadium (up the street from our home in Mobile, AL.)



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4 thoughts on “13 Sep 2015 – Answers to Interview Questions 11-15 (Mother)

  1. I love that Alice kept washing the dolls hair even when she knew it would fall out. She needed them to have clean hair. We played hop scotch, volleyball and ring toss.


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