21 Sep 2015 – Eva Marie Davis

Eva Davis

Eva Davis

Eva was born on 19 Sep 1958 in Mobile, AL.  I will always remember Eva’s birthday because we were born a week apart.  Eva and I attended Fermi Elementary School in Chicago, IL.  On those days that Eva made it home before I did, Alice, asked, “Eva, where is your sister?”

Eva hung her head and responded, “The children down the street are fighting Debra, but I had to use the restroom!”  🙂

Our parents had to find other options besides the Chicago Public School system.  They joined the Catholic Church so that we could attend their schools, and St. Laurence Catholic Elementary School was our first.

In 1968, while attending St. Laurence, they selected Eva and I to attend St. Nicholas Middle School in Evanston, IL.  This was a difficult transition for us because the kids on our bus were the only African-American children that attended that school.  The travel time was one hour if traffic was good, but most days it would take up to two hours.   Once we arrived, the students and teachers didn’t really want us there!

We attended the same schools until our last year of high school.  I graduated from James Bowen HS in Chicago, IL, and Eva attended Williamson in Mobile, AL for her last year of high school.  Eva was a Flag Girl with the Williamson Marching Band, and she graduated from Williamson in 1976.  Of note is that Eva and our Mother had the same teacher.  Ms. Johnson taught Eva at Williamson HS, and she taught Alice at Williamson when it was an elementary school!

Eva Davis - High School Graduation (1976)

Eva Davis – High School    Graduation (1976)

After graduation, Eva joined the family in Chicago and worked at the Board of Trade building downtown.  One college offered Eva a full scholarship; however, she wanted to go to the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, like her big sister.  Eva put her foot down and never attended college.

Eva worked for many years at the Board of Trade as a cashier in their cafeteria.  She got our brother, Roland, a summer job working in the cafeteria.  He worked for about one and a half months.  Once he figured out how little money he made, he quit and put even more energy into his college education!

Eva Davis, 92nd & Luella, Chicago, IL

Eva Davis, 92nd & Luella, Chicago, IL

Eva loved to dance, and in particular, stepping.  For those not familiar with this dance style, check out this video by Chicago Original Freestyle Steppin R Mack White Party Detroit 2010.  Eva and her boyfriend performed this dance in Step contests, and they won many times!

After leaving the Board of Trade, Eva and Alice worked with Roland in the real estate business.  Eva was outgoing, funny, smart, a quick thinker, and had a warm heart.  Everyone loved being around her, and she touched many hearts.  In her later years, Alice and Eva spent almost every day together.  She never married, but dated her boyfriend for more than 27 years!

On 14 Aug 2008, at the age of 49 yrs old, Eva passed away from a long illness.  It was devastating to family and friends.  She left a void that only God can fill.

Eva, we love you and miss you always!


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4 thoughts on “21 Sep 2015 – Eva Marie Davis

  1. I remember Eva as quick, humorous, and observent, she pointed out that Vincent D’Onofrio on Law and Order Criminal Intent used to turn his head to the side while questioning witnesses! She could make you laugh a few seconds into any conversation.


  2. Eva was such a qiluick thinker and was so funny. I wish I was as funny as her. I always wanted to be just like her and now she is gone. I think I cried the first year after she passed. I’m glad you did this blog Debra, my heart hurts but at the same time this blog makes me smile. RIP Eva Marie, your family miss you and we will always love you.


    • Interesting you say that you wanted to be like Eva. I think we all did in one way or another. I know I did. Thanks for posting Sister. If you would like to add anything, it’s easy to do. Just send it to me and I’ll make it happen. RIP dear Sister Eva Marie Davis!


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