17-20 Mar 2016 – Miami, FL


Welcome to Miami!


Trump National Doral, Miami, FL

My oldest daughter invited me to the 2015 AT&T Awards Summit in Miami, FL. She was one of the top VIPs recognized by AT&T for her sales record in 2015.  Imagine spending 4 days and 3 nights at the Trump National Doral and being treated like royalty with an all expense paid trip (flights, hotel, food, activities, and free gifts!).  The gifts consisted of iPads, designer Michael Kohrs purses with matching wallets, kitchen items (dinnerware setting for 4), pots and pans, expresso machines), camping gear, mountain bikes, tablets, cameras, wine storage coolers, jewelry, designer watches and sunglasses.  I could go on and on.  The gifts were just awesome!  I need to be clear that we only got one gift each but my awesome daughter gave me her ticket so I was able to get TWO gifts!

My daughter is a high performer, eligible to go for the past 8 years and this year I was invited as her guest!  Each year the gifts get better!  Following are pictures of the awards event:


AT&T Summit Award Ceremony


The Big, Big Boss With Lyndsey Foster


We decided to do a day of leisure versus some of the other activities offered such as spa treatments, cruises, cooking class, and numerous water sports.

Another free activity was a visit to the Auto Museum!  I loved it!  Autos from Batman, James Bond, TV shows, etc.  I will add the autos later.

Between The Dashes

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