31 Aug 2015 – Love Can Conquer All!

We celebrated my Mom’s birthday on 29 Aug 2015.  It was one of the most emotional, precious and memorable experiences I have ever had in my entire life!  Our family is truly blessed!  We all met in Tampa, FL 27-30 Aug 2015, stayed at a hotel in Ybor, the historic district of Tampa, and celebrated my Mom’s birthday on Saturday night.

Our plans for the weekend were to enjoy our family, reconnect, reminisce and celebrate Alice’s birthday.  We had five generations represented in person, and with our stories, we had up to eight generations!  It was truly amazing!  We had a nice turnout, from our newest member that is 11 weeks old (Andrea Jenea or AJ) to our oldest member, Inell who is 82 years old!  We used to have family reunions every other year, but with all the competing priorities in our lives, we stopped having them years ago.  In the past, when we got together, we were the kids in my generation, and now most of us are the grandparents!

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7 Aug 2015 – Introducing The Great-Grandparents – Mother’s Side Of The Family

Dan and Amanda (Mandy) Jasper were my 2nd Great Grandparents on my Mother’s side of the family.  Dan Jasper was born in 1863 in Alabama to the parents of Robert (born 1806 in South Carolina) and Nancy Jasper (born 1827 in North Carolina).   By 1870, Robert and Nancy relocated to Quitman, MS.  

In 1880, at the age of 17 years old, Dan Jasper was a laborer and a single Black man.  In 1887, Dan Jasper married Mandy Portis also from Quitman, MS.    They had nine children together, of which Eva Jasper was my great-grandmother.  More on Eva below.

Let me pause and talk a little about Dan Jasper.  In my genealogy research, I was able to find that Dan Jasper secured 40 acres of land!  See the certificate of land registration below.

Dan Jasper Land Certification – 13 August 1895

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7 Aug 2015 – Introducing The Grandparents

Inell&Melzar Williams

Inell and Melzar Williams

When you start your family tree, start with yourself and gradually move through your tree by adding parents, grandparents and great grandparents. Capture what you know, then search the data bases on Ancestry (ancestry.com) or other genealogy sites for more information.  If you have the ability to visit your home town, you should visit the local library, churches attended by your family, and seek out living members to fill in the blanks.

Between the Dashes was created because I desired more than just the birth and death dates.   When you search the genealogical databases you find lots of information.  One of the challenges is filling in the stories between the dashes.  Who were they?  What were their hobbies?  What did they love to do?  What were some of their challenges?  Between the Dashes will focus on answering some of those questions about my family.  Let’s start with my grandparents.  

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