7 Aug 2015 – The Family Businesses

Around 1945, Melzar (my grandfather) purchased and opened the Williams Seafood business on Virginia Street in Mobile, AL.  At the time, Melzar was working full-time at the post office delivering mail.  Ervin (Melzar’s father) and Uncle Luke convinced Melzar to open the seafood business stating that they would run it while he delivered mail.

Has anyone ever worked with a family member?  Well, if you have never experienced this first hand, it can be really trying!  Job descriptions are not well-defined, income can be fuzzy, and opportunities for advancement can be slim.  It’s just not the same as working with professionals.  I do not recommend it!  Ervin and Luke quickly found out that the seafood business was more time consuming than originally thought.  In fact, within a couple of months, Ervin and Luke quit the business and turned it over to Melzar so that they could do more fishing!  This created a problem with Melzar already working full-time! Continue reading

7 Aug 2015 – Introducing The Parents


Alice and Roland Davis – Sometime After 1957


They met in high school.  He came up to her in the cafeteria and said, “Hi, I’m Roland.  I’m on the football team.  What’s your name?”  She responded, “Alice”.

“Nice to meet you.  Do you have a phone at home?  Can I call you sometime?” Roland asked hoping the answers to all his questions were yes!

Alice thought Roland was handsome.  She hoped he really would call.

The year was around 1950.  Both Alice and Roland attended Central High School in Mobile, AL.  Roland was one of the star running backs (or wide receivers – we are researching this).  Everyone that attended Central High’s football games knew that if Roland got the ball, he was going to score a touchdown.  He was always in the local newspaper for his many achievements with football and track.  He was truly a star at Central High! Continue reading