Italian Recipes

My husband has an Italian heritage.  He fondly remembers so many wonderful dishes when he was growing up.

My sister-in-law, Joanne, captured some of those recipes from watching her grandmother cook.  I’m not sure she realized how valuable this time would be, even many decades later.

These recipes have been in the family many, many years.  I have approval from my husband and Joanne to share these with the world!  Enjoy!

Note:  Images may be subject to copyright!

18 Dec 2015 – Italian Chocolate Cookies

3 Dec 2015 – Pineapple Cookies

25 Nov 2015 – Italian Sesame Cookies

5 Nov 2015 – Italian Fig Cookies

28 Oct 2015 – Uncle Nick’s Cookies (Pizzelle)

24 Oct 2015 – Italian Black Pepper Cookies

4 Oct 2015 – Italian Sausages, Potatoes, Peppers and Onions

14 Sep 2015 – Braciole Rolled Steak in Spaghetti Sauce

26 Aug 2015 – Sfinge (St. Joseph’s Day)

22 Aug 2015 – Manicotti

16 Aug 2015 – Aunt Jean Flagella’s Biscotti

11 Aug 2015 – Grandma Flagella’s Honey Cookie Recipe

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