4 Jan 2016 – New Years in Baltimore, MD

Happy New Year!  We decided to celebrate the New Year in Baltimore, MD.   There’s so much to do in the area.  We decided to go to the Medieval Times.  Our first time going was a couple of years ago.  At the time, my Mom didn’t want to go to Medieval Times because she was “winning” at the Maryland Live Casino.  Anyway, this past weekend we all went and we enjoyed it!

The Dinner and Tournament shows start at 4:30 pm and 7:30 pm.  We chose 4:30 pm.  Everything is first come first serve to include seating.  We decided to splurge and get the VIP Royalty package since we got such a good deal on the prices.   See specials here.

We were royal guests of the King at the Tournament of the Knights.  Doors opened 75 min prior to the show.  There was a four course feast with either chicken or vegetarian.   During the medieval times, there was no silverware so we ate with our hands.  The meal starts with tomato bisque soup in a bowl with a handle you use for drinking.  Next we got warm bread, a half roasted chicken (a little salty, but the most tender, juicy and flavorful chicken I have ever had in my life!), herb-roasted potatoes, half corn on the cob, and a pastry of the castle.  We were all disappointed with the pastry.  In the past, it was an apple turnover, but they served us a toll house chocolate chip cookie.  😪

Beverages and coffee are also included and there is a cash bar.  Before we entered the castle, we were assigned a section and row.  We were assigned to the Red Team in the 2nd row, located right next to the King’s balcony and the arena opening.  We cheered for Knight Baron Ruiz de Roig, pictured below.


Knight Baron Ruiz de Roig



Your Majesty the King and his daughter, the Princess were on this balcony.


The support for the Knights


The support up close.


We were really excited.  The horses were purebred Spanish horses called Andalusians which are known for their even temper, agility and ability to carry a fully armored Knight.  There were six Knight Teams and they fought with the following weapons:


The Deadly Bola – the hardest weapon to master. Images may be subject to copyright.


The Sword – Images may be subject to copyright.


Shield and Helmet – Images may be subject to copyright.

I hope everyone enjoyed their New Years, and I wish you all the best in 2016!


Between The Dashes

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